Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Woes

WEIGHT: 156.9  (This was okay)

BREAKFAST:  1 slice WW homemade toast with Benecol and leftover pork mixed with canola mayo, a banana, and a small glass of OJ.  (This was okay, too.)

SNACK: a cup of smartfood popcorn.  (Still doing okay)

LUNCH: More of that same pork in a WW Deli Flat, carrot sticks, and a delicious, juicy pear.  (Still okay!)

SUPPER: 2 glasses of merlot (not okay!)  seafood salad in a grilled WW Deli Flat (I used real butter) with lettuce and tomatoes.  (so so okay)

EXERCISE:  None!  I wanted to go for a walk but it was cold and windy and I got lazy because of the wine.  (Wicked not okay!)

Maybe tomorrow will be better!

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