Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Erin and Kylie put a new desk together for us. Guess who was the boss!

Nathan and Danielle got me an Olloclip for Mother's Day! So much fun to take close-ups with my iPhone! Here are a couple:

It's an iris.

Dandelion fluff.

My friend, Deirdre, me, and my sister, Sally, at Old Orchard Beach near the Pier.

The kids had a blast playing in the cold surf.

And going on rides. L-R: Tori, Michelle, Kylie, and Ryan

Here is Kylie with her head sticking out of this big bubble thing my sister gave her. The kids took turns rolling down a grassy hill in it while Grammy held her breath.

Here's Ryan using it as a seat from which to blow bubbles.

Even teenagers love to blow bubbles. This is fifteen-year-old Tori.

Kylie used the bubble ball as a secret hideaway. Here she is eating grape tomatoes with tunes playing on her iPad Mini.

Yay! What a fun weekend!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


We flew to Maine on Wednesday and, when we got here, it was cold and spitty. Brrrr!

But, the following day dawned bright and warm. It got up into the high seventies. After working around the camper and doing groceries, I went to the beach.

I fooled around trying to catch some bokeh and used my toes to focus on.

On Friday we drove to Berlin to pick up the boat then stopped to get Kylie in the way back.

Here she is playing on her iPad Mini wearing a manatee shirt my friend, Anne, sent her years ago.

And here she is wearing my glasses and making faces.

It feels good to be back here with the ocean just a bike ride escape!

How do you escape?

Friday, May 3, 2013


Our prompt this week for the self portrait workshop I'm participating in is Motion. Not as easy as it sounds!

No good!



Ah, no!

I finally settled on the following one even though it doesn't show much of me.


I wait
while the lavender
fades to gray
and then changes
into a little black
velvet dress
heading out
for my walk
each night.

I sip
the dark
of fresh air
and nibble
on the Ritz
of the moon.

A little conversation
with myself,
a wave
at the stars
and this cocktail
is just the treat
I need
a busy day.