Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday July 31, 2007

Yikes! The end of the only full month I have off! Tomorrow is August and I'll be in school listening to boring workshops the last week of this month! That's sad, sad, sad.

I haven't done any scrapbooking or altered books except for the couple of pages in the book Michelle and I are alternating on. I gave her "summer" and she did a page then she gave me "puppies" and I did a page, etc. But, other than that...nothing!

I have written a few poems at the beach, though, so that's something. Here's one I wrote a week ago on 7/24/07. Seems like I was kind of in the same mood as I am today.

is flying toward me
as fast as the waves
spilling onto the sand
this sunny afternoon.

I've been watching
the tide
climb the slope
of becach
layer by sudsy layer.

But it won't reach
ne today;
I'm too high up
on the hill
of July
to feel the cold wet
of autumn.

Okay, enough boohooing about time passing. I'm going to hop on my red bicycle and go sit on the beach for a while. Good bye!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday July 30th 2007

Bought a copy of Artful Blogging today and am inspired to do something creative with my blog. Of course, I have no idea what!

Oh, well, I'll just take one little step at a time. Technology is wonderful but confusing.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pics of the granddogs

I'm not sure I know how to do this but I'll give it a try.

Hey! It worked!

Summer 07

Here I sit on the porch of our fifth-wheel camper in Maine watching trick-or-treaters go by. Yes, it's July but our campground is holding a Halloween special for the kids. Since I have no little kids, I'm just watching. My big kid and his girlfriend are visiting with their "kids": Kaylee and Bailey, cute little dogs who are barking at all the passers-by.