Monday, January 18, 2010


WEIGHT: 158.7  Yuck!

BREAKFAST: 1 slice of WW toast with Benecol and seafood salad, a banana, and a glass of apple cider

SNACK: a handful of Smartfood popcorn

LUNCH: ham and swiss sandwich on homemade WW toast with canola mayo and dijon mustard, an apple

COCKTAIL: a glass of merlot

SUPPER: One of the books I bought at borders was:

So, I made a couple of the recipes for supper: meatloaf and creamy rosemary potatoes.  Man oh, man!  Delish!  And I had another glass of merlot with it.

This cookbook doesn't feature low-cal foods...just cowboy-pleasing fare.  But oh, so good! 

What I love about the book is the humor and the photography.  I actually read the whole thing.  Even the steps to each recipe are funny.  And each step is illustrated with her own pictures.

She also added pictures of her husband whom she calls Marlboro Man because he looks just like the guy in the advertisement, and her four adorable kids.

EXERCISE: I changed my bed, vacuumed, shoveled our driveway, and walked around the block for about 2 miles. 

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