Monday, August 11, 2014

A Busy Weekend

Kylie is eight.
Then two ten-year-old boys show up.


They had a blast!

Monday, August 4, 2014


I'm sitting in the car waiting while my husband
and son fuel the airplane. I look around and see
clumps of wildflowers. I feel my fingers tingle

to pick up my camera and press the shutter button.
So, I do just that. I set my Nikon to aperture priority
and skooch down to get as close as possible

to the flowers. It's a cloudy day so unlikely I'll be able
to catch any bokeh but the backgrounds will be soft
and blurry, at least. I look through the viewfinder,

press my finger on the shutter button halfway until
I hear the little ding that signals I've got my flower
in focus, then click. I kneel in the grass. I lie down.

I click and click capturing yellow, lacy white, pink,
gold, purple, tiny daisies with their timeless questions:
he loves me, he loves me not. I marvel at the beauty

to be found on the side of a paved parking lot in the state
of Maine, on a brooding Saturday in August. I head back
to the car, my camera heavy from all that sweetness.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Little Plane Ride

A spot in a hangar opened up near our son's house so we flew the plane over to his place in NH, then he flew back to Maine with us, we went to lunch, then he flew the plane back. I snapped a bunch of pictures along the way.

A pretty farm scene

A white homestead

A meandering stream

Nay waiting for us on the side of the taxiway

And here is Nay's home across the pond from the airport. It's the second one from the left.