Saturday, June 23, 2012


It's been crazy fun around here. Erin and Kylie came down and my friend, Deirdre, and her two kids, Tori and Ryan, are visiting.

Here are the bunch of us after we ate on the pier. Left to right: Tori; my niece, Michelle; Kylie; Erin; my sister, Sally; me; Ryan; and Deirdre.

The kids had a blast riding around on Michelle's golf cart. Erin had to leave Friday night and we are all missing her and Kylie!

Today, we took a hike to Cascade Falls. Well, it was more of a stroll. The trail is nicely maintained and easy to walk on.

Here's Ryan approving of our adventure. It was really pretty and we had fun scrambling around on the rocks.

The girls had a good time, too, and they didn't even text the whole time!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Graduate

Marching in.

Receiving her diploma.

With her BFF, Grace. The kids designed their own caps.

With her proud mom.

Congratulations, Kylie!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tootling Around

We hopped in the Ranchero

and went for a drive in the lowering sun.

We cruised the strip in Old Orchard Beach past the amusement rides

until we got to Garside's Ice Cream. I played with my camera while Gary ordered my small vanilla in a dish.

The sunset through the trees was magical.

And my ice cream was delicious!

I could have ordered a fancy flavor like Black Forest or Snickers or Muddy Moose Tracks but I'm a plain Jane and this creamy vanilla was just perfect.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Boy, the weeks fly by! It's been rainy and cool here but the weather is getting better every day.

We've been keeping busy, though.

Gary got the boat in the water yesterday and is champing at the bit to go tuna fishing.

We took a ride up to L. L. Bean one day then stopped for lunch at The Porthole restaurant in the Old Port in Portland for lunch. It was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

And it really does look like a dive from the outside but the inside is nicely vintage 1950s. And the food was delicious! Gary and I shared poutine (pronounced puts in'). It's a French Canadian dish of French fries smothered in gravy and with melted cheese curds on top.

On Friday, my sister, Sally, and I went to the new casino that had just opened three days earlier in Oxford.

We met Sally's childhood best friend, Rosie, there. She was born with muscular atrophy and has never walked. She has a great attitude and wonderful sense of humor.

Sally is on the right and behind Rosie is Lori, her caretaker.

Today, I went out on Gary's boat with him to help him straighten his lines. It was cool but beautiful.

When we got done with that, we went for a motorcycle ride down to Bentley's biker bar in Arundel. I got a kick out of the bras hanging from the ceiling. It's definitely not my kind of place but it was interesting!

I'll leave you with some pictures I took while out for my walk.

Love the yummy bokeh behind the maple leaves.

Wild daisies. He loves me, he loves me not!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Lobster Feed

We are getting settled into our summer home.
Feels good to be here.

Last weekend our kids came to visit and we had a lobster feed.

Kylie and I went to the playground and she had fun swinging
while Grammy snapped some pictures

hoping to catch some bokeh.

Uncle Nay
and Danielle had fun watching her scamper around.

I finally was able to hop on my bike this week and pedal to the beach.  One day it was so foggy.

And the next was crystal clear.

I spied these wild irises growing in the middle of the dune grass.

Kylie's dog bite is healing nicely.  The doctor is very pleased with it and says the red will slowly fade.

Nothing can spoil her beauty, anyway!