Monday, December 7, 2009

Something a Little New

Found a blog called Soul Journaling by Sarah Whitmire. She has a 22-day program to help journalers stretch their artistic legs.

My legs need stretching so I decided to try her suggestions.

I started by gluing on pages from an old book.

When that was dry, I took a permanent marker and completed this sentence, "Today I feel..." over and over all over the page.

Then I Gessoed lightly over letting a couple of the words show through.

After that I sponged a little metalic purple on top.

Then she wanted us to find a picture of something that represents our armor. How do we protect ourselves against the everyday issues that try to steal our creativity and ruin our day? She used a knight but that didn't feel right for me. Instead, I thought about it and realized that I just keep smiling and that gives me strength. I found the picture of the woman and cut out a big smile to put on her face.

It was fun doing something a bit different!


bitingmidge said...

I wish I could break out of my little boxes and do something like that!

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

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