Saturday, December 5, 2009

The End of the Diet: 10 Weeks=10 lbs.

I'm happy with the ten pounds I've lost. I've been eating my regular foods only in smaller portions (well, most of the time!) so I haven't felt deprived. I've been walking at night which is something I always do, anyway.

I'm hoping I can maintain this because it's natural to me. Sure, I could have gone on a real diet, you know, one of those programs that spells out every meal for you, but once I was done, I know I'd just go back to my regular eating and put the weight back on.

Occasionally, I'll update my weight here just to keep myself in line and maybe analyze my food intake.

Sure, I could have lost another ten pounds and looked like the trim girls I see every day at school, but I'm not a teenager. I'm sixty, almost sixty-one, and I feel really good right now so this seems like the right weight for me to be happy. Food, after all, is part of my happiness, and if I'm satisfied with what I'm eating, I won't over indulge looking for satisfaction.

All my clothes fit again and I'm not winded when I run upstairs. I'd say that is success!

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