Saturday, April 23, 2011

Memory Lane

We were a bunch of teenage girls living together
for the summer, working as chambermaids
at a resort called Baker Brook.

We lived in what had once been a restaurant
underneath the motel.
We had a bedroom with 3 bunk beds,

a huge living room, and a kitchen with commercial stove and fridge.
The ladies' room held our sink and toilet.
The mens' room had our shower.

I was responsible for five cottages.
They were cozy with fireplaces
and the same people came back year after year.

In the evenings I worked in the office giving the manager a break.
It was great being on our own.
I worked there for four summers and loved it.

The other night I drove by for old times sake
and things had changed.
First I saw one of my cottages called Maple.

Then I saw Elm and Oak cottages.

Then I saw the sign and office.

By this time I had a lump in my throat.
I glanced across the street at the motel.
I couldn't believe the mess.
The recreation room is on the right.  I remember showing movies in there at night and playing ping pong.  And it's where the owners would throw a lobster feed for us at the end of the season.

I parked here in front of this door which led down to our apartment.
I reminisced about the past and the good times
then drove away from the sad present.

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Cindy said...

Sometimes memory lane is a tough road to go down. I have been down it myself recently. My, my but things do change, don't they?