Sunday, April 10, 2011


Took my camera for a walk through the Smith Hydro Park.
It took a picture of these leftover red berries.

Then it got excited to see these pussy willows.

It started snapping away like crazy when these crocuses came into view.
I swear, if my camera had a tail it would have been wagging!

It was drooling over the new purple and green.

It smiled at these lilac buds.

But, it frowned a little at the snow still hanging around here and on Mt. Washington in the distance.

It clicked happily at these hints of spring.

It even made the lowly pickpick look beautiful.


Lisa said...

Looks like your camera had a grand ole time! It is so strange to see snow still on the ground. We have had spring weather for weeks.

Cindy said...

Your camera might have still been smiling at little at that snow because it appears to be melting!