Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Break My Heart

Anne and I became friends in high school because we both loved skiing.
She was great at it while I struggled but it was fun anyway.
I can still see her swishing down the mountain so gracefully.

And we stayed friends through both our graduations, she the year after me, and through separation while I was at college, and through boyfriends, and engagements, and weddings, and her miscarriage. 

Her daughter was born the year after my son.
Then she moved to Florida.
We wrote occasionally and visited once in a while.

Twenty years ago my husband and I and the kids spent a winter in the same town in Florida as Anne and her family and our friendship took off right where we'd left it.
After that, we started writing letters to each other almost every day.

It became a hobby and we'd try to outdo each other with cool sticker designs and the newest postage stamps.  I saved all her letters.
Until this week.

We're moving and have no room for the bags and bags of correspondence.
It breaks my heart to have to throw this whole part of her life away.
But, luckily, we still have our friendship!  Can't throw that away!


Cindy said...

Just an idea...you might take some less personal pages and use them as a background for one of your journals and give it to her for a remembrance. Paint over most of it so it is just a hint like a 'hint of a memory'.

Lisa said...

Oh my! What a testament to your friendship! That has been a theme in my head for a few days now it seems. Like Cindy, I'm trying to think of a way to salvage them. Maybe bound in a notebook? I'm such a sucker for memorabilia and such, aka: packrat...hoarder......oops.
I was just relieved to know that your friend had not died! That is what I thought was coming.

Anonymous said...

True Friendship is timeless.