Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In her comment yesterday Cindy mentioned the word "bittersweet."
There are so many things I love about teaching:
The kids
(Oh, sure, they might look a little scary but, deep down, they just want someone to care about them.)
The comraderie of teachers
The spark when I feel kids are really learning something
The creativity

Here are some pictures of what my Nature Journaling kids did yesterday.  It was sleeting so we just ran outside for a couple minutes to gather stuff then I gave them a baggie of beach things I'd picked up a couple years ago and let them create these collages:

They had fun and I loved watching them be creative.
Things like this I'll definitely miss!

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Cindy said...

Linda, in my opinion there is not any profession more noble than teacher. These student creations are wonderful! I love them all but most especially the last one laid out like a leaf.