Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 9: Assisi and Roma

Sadly, we had to check out of our cozy hotel on Friday morning and head south to Rome where we spent one more night before heading back to the states.

I took a few more pictures through the bus window.

We stopped at the small town of Assisi. Saint Francis made this place famous. There is a huge three story church there that we walked through but, of course, photos were not allowed. We even had to have our shoulders and knees covered to go in.

I love this gate!

And this window.

And this door.

And the mailbox on this door.

Here's a close up of it.

We strolled the winding cobble-stoned alleys and stopped in a few shops but, what I remember best is the hazelnut gelato I had. it was so cool and nutty and creamy.

We didn't get to see much of Rome because our hotel was on the outskirts. We did take a bus ride into the city for our Farewell Dinner but we didn't go by anything very famous so I only took a few pictures from the bus. And they didn't even turn out that great.

We had a delicious dinner with a DJ and a bit of dancing, wine, more wine, and a taste of a wonderful grappa. We'd had grappa before but it was a clear one and tasted like varnish. Our tour director wanted us to taste a really good one so she bought it herself and gave us all an after-dinner shot. It was warm and lovely....just like our whole Tuscan vacation!

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