Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moon Magic

We spent the whole day with Gary's father.
He's so sweet natured but has short-term memory loss.
We have to repeat and repeat and repeat
everything over and over.

So, after Gary left to take him back to his place and get him ready for bed,
I took off and went to the beach with two friends
to watch the full moon rise
over the ocean.

We all needed it.
Mich had worked all day.
Donna had had her brother visiting all week.
And I just had to get away.

As we walked over the dunes, it was just emerging from behind lavender clouds.

We stood on the sand, chatted, roamed around a bit, and absorbed the peacefulness.

We headed back to camp a little lighter than before.


Cindy said...

So beautiful!

Lisa said...

That is such a relaxing scene.