Monday, August 1, 2011

More Wedding Pics

The bride, Amanda, waiting to enter the church.

My brother, Tim, and sister, Sally

My son, Nathan, and his girlfriend, Danielle

My daughter, Erin, and me

The groom, my brother, Tim's, son, Dustin, and his bride

L to R. My niece, Michelle, my daughter, Erin, and my brother, Tim's wife, Sherrie

The bride, Amanda, waiting patiently for her groom, Dustin, to join her on the trolley that took them to the Town and Country Inn for the reception.

My cousin, Lucy, and her mom, my Aunt Dotty, my dad's sister.

The girl cousins: L to R Alissa, my sister Nancy's daughter, my daughter, Erin, in her reception dress, and my niece Michelle, my sister Sally's daughter.

The boy cousins: Nathan and Dustin

L to R: Ian, my niece Alissa's boyfriend, Bill, my sister nancy's husband, Gary, me, and my sister Nancy

The bride in her beautiful dress

The pretty detail in the back

It really was a great wedding!


Cindy said...

Beautiful family pictures. The trolly was a great idea. I love the gathering on the side of the wedding dress and the corset touch on the back. Looks like a fun wedding.

Lisa said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures of your family. Your daughter is beautiful! Weddings......this time last year we were full throttle heading toward Kristin's. I was fun, but I'm glad we are done with it!