Tuesday, August 30, 2011


She went west of us so we only got a couple inches of rain and wind.  There was some minor damage around and we went without electricity for about 14 hours but nothing to complain about.

I went to the beach yesterday.  It's nice now that most of the tourists are gone.  It was so peaceful.
Love this sky and all the layers of the clouds.

Pretty waves

This was an accident but I love how the ocean is all blurry and sparkly.  It's even prettier if you click to enlarge it. 

I'm happy to report that my MIL is doing much better and might get out of the rehab facility at the end of the week.

Gary got another, tuna, too.  This was a small one at just 230 lbs. but it actually fetched more per pound than the 580 lb. one. 

It's another beautiful day, today, so I think I'll head to the beach this afternoon after some chores this morning.


Cindy said...

Those pictures are beautiful. That sky is like azure! That 'accident' picture looks like diamonds. Someday I will live where it rains and gets below 110!

Library said...

Glad Irene missed you. Glad you MIL is doing better. I stole that gorgeous beach picture for my desktop! I can dream, right?