Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Been Over a Week

since my last post. 
it's been very busy. 
My Kylie girl came for a week and we had such a good time swimming, and reading and going to the playground and playing Bananagrams.

Here she is at the park:

Our friend Deirdre also visited with her two kids.  Tori is almost 14 and Ryan is 11 and Kylie had a blast with them.
We went to Fun Town/Splash Town and the kids had so much fun on the waterslides.

This is Tori standing with Kylie under the pirate barrel.

Tori is a gymnast and here she is teaching Kylie a move.

It's been very quiet since they all left.
So I'm reduced to photographing flowers.

Today I pedaled to the beach and took a few more.

But, it won't be quiet for long; now, we have to prepare for hurricane Irene!


Cindy said...

It is always so quiet after company leaves, isn't it? I love those pictures of the flowers. Hope the hurricane doesn't do a lot of damage.

Lisa said...

Thinking of you as Irene barrels your way.