Thursday, May 5, 2011

30: A Poem Written for Three Word Wednesday Using Jitter, Grace, & Thin

I look around my classroom
at the messy pile of textbooks

at the world and U.S. maps
taped to the wall

at the posters in progress
draped over tables
like Dali’s clocks
at the hundreds of novels

sitting like crooked teeth
in makeshift bookcases
made out of empty boxes

at two plants gasping

for sun and water

at three hot pink recycling
bins and a gray garbage can

at a Purell dispenser

a pencil sharpener
a table with discarded
how-to-write-poetry books
waiting for new homes

at seventeen cranberry desks
four sky blue ones two navy
blue ones and a lone sunny
yellow student desk

at an old TV and VCR
on a raised stand with various
tapes strewn about
at a beige file cabinet

at the poster with flames
Carl King made
shortly before he died
three years ago

at my windows full
of white birch trees
and baby leaves

at a wall hanging

of Shakespeare
a moon poster

four schedules for this week’s
classes taped to the board

at piles of papers

bins with all my assignments
a pewter mug with a bouquet
of pens and pencils

at a mural of four gods
and goddesses painted
over twenty years ago
at bulletin boards

filled with imaginations
and creativity

at a poster that says,
“Poetry is honeycomb

so full that it drips
into a puddle
from which the hummingbird

at a clock that says
8:31 am and a red second
hand making its way around
taking me one click

at a time closer to the end
at a notepad with the words
grace, jitter, and thin
written in black

that I keep glancing at
wondering how on earth
I’ll ever use them
in this poem

at my fingers jitterbugging
on black computer keys

as I try to find a way
to stop writing when there

are still so many other
things to list about this room
this life this working race
to retirement.


Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

I almost feel like I am in the room, the words and images are so vivid! Do you think you will miss it? Maybe even a little?

Cindy said...

Such clever use of the words!