Tuesday, May 10, 2011


While I'm standing in the hallway inbetween classes:

Mrs. Jacobs, can I go to the bathroom?
Miss Jacobs, can I go to my locker?
I have to return this book to the library.
What do I do? I got the wrong drink out of the Coke machine.
I'm heading to the restroom.
May I go to guidance?
Here's my note for being absent yesterday.
Can I get some cough drops from the nurse?

It never ends!

But then we went outside and the fresh air was so sweet after that alphabet soup I'd been breathing all day. 
I took a few pictures:

I love blossoms!

Not sure what this is.

Fiddlehead fern

A tiny worm on Amanda's finger

May flower
I remember my grandmother, Nonie, telling me that my father used to pick these for her and be so proud of his gift.  She'd put them in a vase but they smelled so bad she couldn't keep them in the house for long.

A nice memory on this the 14th anniversary of my dad's death.  He was such a sweetheart!
Here we are with him at Silver Lake back in 1959 or so.  Left to right: Nancy, Dad holding Sally, me, and Tim

My parents' first anniversary

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Cindy said...

Those pictures of your parents are wonderful. I love how your dad picked those flowers for your grandmother. That was very sweet!