Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Mom

My mom died on Tuesday evening.  Sally and Nancy were with her.
This picture is of the four of us kids with my mom at Silver Lake.  Sally is the baby.  I'm next to my mom, with Nancy next to me and Tim at the end.

This is the last picture of the six of us together taken shortly before my dad died in 1997.

My mom and I during the summer she had cancer in 2004.

This was taken last Christmas.  My mom was suffering from compression fractures and had to wear that brace.

Just after my mom died, I wrote the following poem:

Who’s that man
standing with his arms
wide open,
tears in his eyes,
and a smile on his face?

Oh, it’s my dad
welcoming my mom.
He’s been waiting
thirteen years
for this day.

See how fast
she’s running,
now, all long legs
and limber,
dark hair

flying behind her.
It’s no joke,
Dad; she’s really there.
Scoop her up,
give her a big

hug. You’re
the remedy
she’s needed
these last declining

Turn around,
walk with her
like a bride
and groom
holding hands,

grins on your faces
down the long
of a heavenly


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and fitting tribute to your Mom. I love the Silver Lake one especially, and I am proud to say that one of these pictures I took...

Cindy said...

Linda, what a lovely poem! The wedding picture of your mom and dad is beautiful. These are my thoughts or how I picture heaven to be...there is no time there. To your dad, he just crossed over. He turned around and your mom was right behind him. No sadness there afterall. They will turn around now and we all will be there. Nice to think about, huh?

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Beautiful lovely poem and tribute to your mom!!


God Bless You and Yours!!!