Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last First Day

No classes yet.

We started the day with a district-wide breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and French toast sticks in our cafeteria where our superintendent greeted us all and wished us a good year.

Following that we had a little time to get our rooms prepared.
An English department meeting occurred at 10 then a staff photo in the gym.
Then it was time for an early lunch because at noon we had a staff meeting followed by a workshop about the new portfolios we have to have our advisory kids complete.
By the time that got done, I had an hour to get some prep work done for actual teaching which will begin on Wednesday.

One day down.  183 to go!

(My computer is still in for repairs so I had to use these internet images.  The top one shows one section of our school.  It's built into the side of a mountain and does not look like a typical school building.  What you can see here is our vocational wing.  The second photo is of our new soccer field and track, and the third picture is the logo on our hockey jerseys.)

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Cindy said...

You live in a lovely place. We love hockey here but it is not standard physical education curriculum in public school. Football rules here but personally, we prefer hockey.