Friday, March 5, 2010

A Little Tour of My Classroom

I took my camera to school with me this morning so I could get some pictures of the sun when it rises and creates shadows in the woods.

Then I decided to take a few pictures of my room.  This first one shows all the poetry books I own. 

I'm hoping to read all of them once I'm retired.
the #1 Dad cup is a project a kid passed in last semester and left with me.
The camoflage balloon was a gift to a kid who didn't want it so he offered it to me.

And this one is the beautiful mural some kids painted for the teacher who had this room before me.

I got the cabinet from the print shop when they got a grant to upgrade their furniture.
Notice the nice matched desks!  They used to be all cranberry but over the years they broke and were replaced with yellow and blue.
And, aren't those bookcases nifty?  Boxes turned on their sides.  We have a very poor school!


Lisa said...

You certainly have a very colorful room. I like seeing inside other people's everyday environments. That's a lot of poetry books, too!
I think our snow chances have passed. We saw temps in the 60's today.

Cindy said...

Your school is not poor. They have you, don't they? I have found a good teacher is what makes all the difference.