Sunday, March 28, 2010

England Journal: The End

After two nights in Plymouth and a night in South Hampton we headed east toward Portsmouth.  We started the day with a ferry ride to the Isle of Wight and really enjoyed our visit there.
On the way back to Portsmouth we could see all the ships in the harbor that were there for the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar.  Even the queen was there but we didn't see her.
Dressed in the same colors again!  We honestly didn't plan this.  In the morning, I'd go into the bathroom to take my shower first then come out with a towel around me so she could go in and shower.  While she was in there, I'd get dressed.  She'd end up dressing in the bathroom and when she came out, we'd crack up at our matching ensemble decisions.
It was so cool to tour this battle ship!
Then it was on to Brighton Beach.  Now, I'm a beach person and I just couldn't wait to see the ocean.  Wouldn't you know, the weather turned cool and rainy after we'd had a week of unusually hot temps.  And I couldn't believe what the beach was like: stones about the size of eggs.  No sand!
We had a hotel for two nights right across the street from the ocean so that was nice.

Don't laugh!  Yes, we wore the same outfits, again!
We made our way back to London after stopping at our last castle.  I was kind of getting castled out by this time.
We had one more night in London and went to Mamma Mia!.  Great time!
When we got to the airport, I realized that I hadn't gotten anything to take home to my husband.  So, we went into the duty-free shop and I got him this scotch and he was thrilled with it.  I bought it because of the poetic description.

And how crazy that a double decker bus and the tube, which we'd ridden on, were both bombed just 5 days after we left!


Cindy said...

I just cannot get enough of your England Journal. I am fascinated by Hever Castle. If I had majored in history, I would have focused on Tudoresque England. Did you ride the hovercraft that takes you from White Cliffs of Dover to France? It is a nightmare. Everyone gets sick! Everyone.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I'll have to catch up on your
travel journal in a couple of
weeks. It looks amazing and fun!!

Preparing for my dd op. Well be
taking care of her for a couple
of weeks.

God Bless You and Yours!!!