Thursday, March 25, 2010

England Journal

In 2005 my friend, Dottie, and I took a trip to England and I kept a journal. I'd never traveled overseas before nor had I ever kept a travel journal. This was before I'd ever done any scrapbooking or mutimedia crafting.

As you can see, I wrote way too much on each page and should have used a pen so it would show up better. Plus, I left no room for pictures.

First Day: We arrived in the morning, got checked in, then went exploring.

Everything was so beautiful. Being from a town with about 10,000 people, the hustle and bustle of London was different and exciting.

Day 2: Busy but fun!

Here are some pictures to go along with that day:

That darn fanny pack around my waist makes it look like I have black panties on over my capris!

That's all I've photographed so far. I'll add more soon.


Cindy said...

Oh my, why have I never done a journal of London? What a wonderful idea! Okay, things to a journal on my next trip to London. Reading your journal makes me want to be there so badly. I love London. Did you know over a million people commute in/out of London per day? Isn't St. Paul's the most magnificent architecture you have ever seen with so many famous tombs there?

Cindy said...

I was just thinking too about the tombs of the sisters, Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Mary in the Abbey. It makes my heartache not to be there. When I say I am in love with London, I really MEAN it.