Friday, March 26, 2010

England Trip: Part 2

After a couple days in London, we headed out to see some of the country.  The first stop was Stratford on Avon and, of course, I was excited to see Shakespeare's home.  It was pretty commercialized but still cool to be there.
This is in Bath at the Roman baths.  I definitely did not want to take a bath in that water!
The second day on the road. 
Love the names of all the little hamlets along the way.
We mostly just visited a bunch of neat towns.
We stayed in Plymouth for two nights.
I'll have more pictures tomorrow of Plymouth and the places we visited while there.  I ran out of sun today for taking decent photos.

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Cindy said...

I really enjoy reading and looking at your journal. The sheep remind me of a train trip we took up to Scotland. I have never seen so many sheep. I commented on the train about the sheep "wonder why some are so clean and some are sp dirty?" My brother-in-law said "I think some are made out of brick and some are made out of stucco." I think he thought I was talking about houses. I still laugh about that.