Friday, November 29, 2013

The Last Six.....For Now

Another page Kylie helped me with. We were going for an earth-tone theme.

As you can see by her signature, Kylie did the background for this page.

A beautiful design by Michelle. On the top right are my two favorite teenagers: Tori and Michelle. And on the bottom right is my favorite kiddo's second grade picture. When she brought them home, Erin said, "That's not the kid I sent to school that morning. She had hair fixed all cute!" But, Kylie took it out before the pictures were taken.

Michelle did the left and Kylie did the right.

This time Kylie did the left and Michelle did the right. That's the cake I made for my sister, Sally's, birthday. She's a Slotomania nut like me!

This is the last page done in Maine. We left on October 23rd for Florida.


Anonymous said...

Your pages are like an art exhibit. They could be displayed at RMA and SCF. Ringling School of Design, too!


Cindy said...

I agree with Anne. I see Ringling School of Design qualities in your pages. Love Kylie's second from the top. It has a Miami look about it. That slotto cake is off the hook too!