Thursday, November 7, 2013


This one was designed by Michelle and her friend, Alyssa. The bookmark was made by my friend, Anne. I'm so lucky to have all these talented designers in my life!

This beautiful background is a Michelle design. The pics are from a boat ride to the beach when Erin and Kylie were here last spring. And the house on the left is a wine label. I should add more pictures but I hate to cover up the pretty background.

And, then, I didn't journal for a couple months while we were leaving Florida and heading to Maine for the summer. Finally, Kylie got hold of this page and did the whole thing herself. She even made up the alien story as if I was the narrator. The pictures on the left were a postcard of the inn in Snowville, NH where my niece, Alissa, had her wedding reception. Michelle's surfing photo came from when they were in Hawaii last Christmas.

This is a catch-up page.

The Kennedy stamp on the left was postmarked May 29, 1964 which was his birthday and also my dad's! My aunt sent it to my parents.

The sun rays are little cards my sister, Sally, gave me. They were in a matchbox covered with the paper on the left near the Kennedy stamp.

The other stamp on the left is from Kenya and came off a postcard my cousin, Dale, sent my parents years ago when she and her husband visited Africa.

The Bermuda stamps on the right were on a postcard, too, to my folks, but I can't remember who sent it.

And there's my beautiful Tuts on her 35th birthday this summer.

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