Monday, November 4, 2013

Journal Catch-up Time

I took pictures of thirty pages today! I had to go way back to March to find the last time I'd blogged any. Here are the first five.

All the way back to January. A couple Christmas cards to symbolize our "cold" weather. LOL!

And, then, back to warmth!

Michelle and her friend, Alyssa, designed this spread then I added the words and the hearts.

Little snippets from my birthday cards and other stuff that matched the background. The bride and groom are my nephew, Dustin, and his wife, Amanda. He calls her Panda. And they're expecting their first child in the spring. I must have intuited the sex with this pink background because they are having a girl!

The picture is from Kylie's seventh birthday and, here it is, almost time for her eighth next month.

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Cindy said...

A beautiful way to share memories. Funny, I was singing that song this morning "Every summer we shall rent a cottage in the Isle of Wight if its not too dear. We shall scrimp and save." I love it!