Sunday, July 28, 2013

River Fun

The sun is glinting
off the top
of the boat.

We're drifting
in the Saco River
so the kids can swim.

Teenagers Michelle,
Tori, and Ryan
take turns jumping

from as high up
as they can find.

Kylie, seven, wants

to follow. She tip-toes
near the edge, holds
on, bends her knees,

backs away, listens
to encouragement,
tries again, hesitates,

steps back, again,
even sheds a few tears;

she wants this so bad.

She's braver than she
knows, though.
One, two, three....

"I believe I can fly!"
she screams.
And she's airborne.

Success. We all
clap and cheer.
She climbs back

into the boat declaring,
"I'm going again.
I can't believe I was

such a crybaby."
I believe you can
fly, too, Ky!


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Cindy said...

One of those sun glints in the first picture is in the shape of a heart. And that is how I feel, love these pictures and Kylie CAN fly!

Deirdre Kyle said...

I just love this blog! It was a perfect day, watching the teenagers so carefree and having a blast. Being with Kylie was such a treat, and the way she rose to that challenge, and took that first brave leap (and many after) proves how courageous she is! Yes, Kylie, you CAN fly!!