Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Fourth!

We decided to take the boat out on the ocean to watch the fireworks.

I love how Kylie and Michelle get along so well!

The sky was so pretty.

This is looking at the beach with the Ferris Wheel and rides all lit up.

It's not easy to take photos when the boat is rocking!

But it makes for some cool designs.


Anonymous said...

I like the boat-rocking fireworks photos...they are very unique!
Kylie and Michelle's photos are beautiful and precious! Terrific memories!

Linda Jacobs said...

Thanks, Anne! It was a great vantage point! And, yes, those girls ARE precious!

Cindy said...

Beautiful, artistic fireworks! LOL. I agree. Kylie and Michelle are beautiful.

Linda Jacobs said...

Thanks, Cindy, I appreciate your continued comments! 😃