Thursday, August 1, 2013

Took a trip to visit my niece yesterday.

This porch scene welcomed us.

And Alissa's pretty garden.

Her whimsical mailbox.

Their home was once a post office.

Then, we went inside to the best part.

30-hour-old Eden Marie Blue.

My sister, Nancy, holding Eden, her first granddaughter.

My sister, Sally, holding her great niece, Eden.

River, holding his sister, Eden.

Can you tell I like her unique name?

It was wonderful holding all that sweetness!


Deirdre Kyle said...

What a beautiful baby! Welcome to the world, Eden! Congratulations to Alissa and her entire family! You are so blessed, Linda, to be surrounded by your entire family, and now a new grand niece. Enjoy!!

Cindy said...

Eden is such a lovely name.