Saturday, June 22, 2013

Two Boat Rides

Gary bought a new fishing boat.

He's been working on getting it geared for tuna fishing.

He named it Freda B after his grandmother. It's sort of a play on words=Free To Be....Anyway, two Sunday's ago, we went for a ride and I had a little mishap. While getting on the boat, I tripped, twisted my ankle, and landed on my shoulder. Ouch! After four hours of excruciating pain, a trip to the ER, three doses of morphine, ex-rays to confirm a dislocation, the doctor finally popped it back into place. But, I was basically out of commission for over a week.

Fast forward to yesterday....

We invited my sister, Sally, her husband, Mike, their daughter, Michelle, and her friend, Alyssa to go for a ride with us.

This one I enjoyed so much more!

Such beautiful girls.

Such pretty sights.

Such wonderful smiles.

Such a great sister!

Two such different boat rides!

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Cindy said...

So sorry to hear of your mishap but so happy it all ended well. You could have easily suffered a fracture! Beautiful pictures. Look just like postcards!