Sunday, October 7, 2012


I've had the Hipstamatic app on my phone for awhile, now, but never really played with it until recently.

Hipstamatic turns an iPhone into an old time camera with different films, flashes, and cases.

Here is how my "camera" looks:

It gives the photos an old-fashioned, timeless quality.

At the beach on Friday afternoon the fog started rolling in after a beautiful, warm morning. I even wore shorts. But that cloud cover changed things. I quickly climbed on my bike and pedaled home.

Kylie is here for the weekend and she brought me some flowers.

Our friend, Deirdre, is here with her two kids, Tori and Ryan. Here are Tori and Kylie lounging around on Saturday morning. Tori had an essay to write so she got that done right away. Kylie is watching cartoons.

Then, Kylie insisted on going swimming even though I told her the water would be freezing. She didn't believe me and had to find out for herself. Here she is contemplating whether she's going to go in any further. She hates to be wrong!

Grammy sat on the edge of the pool playing with her camera.

Summer and fall!

Oh, yeah, that water is freezing! Just after this, she swam across and back, quickly got out, and insisted on a hot shower.

Afterwards, we went to Cascade Falls to let the kids run around in the woods.

And, on the way home we drove through the most beautiful old cemetery.

You can see the difference the different films make. I had fun with my new toy!

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Cindy said...

I am downloading that app right away. Looks like fun and the pictures are beautiful. Love the flowers! So pretty.