Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Beautiful Day

Besides a school for the deaf, Mackworth Island has a wonderful walking path all around the island. My sister, Sally, invited me to go along with her, her husband, Mike, and their daughter, Michelle, for a walk on this dazzling fall day.

Of course, I took my camera along and had fun experimenting. This is Sally and Michelle heading off into the magic.

There are amazing views no matter which way you look.

Being with Michelle reminds me how much I like teenagers and miss them. So nice to spend time with her!

We sat on rocks right above the ocean.

And I clicked away.

I love it that Michelle is so willing to hang with her parents and old aunt.

In the shade of oaks there is a fairy village.

Everywhere you look, there are these tiny abodes. I've got to take Kylie there; she'll love it!

There is a pet cemetery for former Governor Baxter's dogs and horse.

Look at the awesome color....

And gossamer weeds....

And diehard dandelions....

And sun-drenched dried wildflowers....

And dying leaves....

I hated to see our walk end. This is the view as we were leaving the island.
Some days are like pearls and this day was a whole necklace!

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Cindy said...

You are a bokeh aficionado and I just happen to love bokeh! The bokeh in that dying leaves picture is so beautiful. (Also in the Sally and Michelle picture wandering off into the magic!) You are right, this was a pearl of a day!