Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just Some Pictures

I got up early this morning and have been sitting on the couch in the sunrise downloading pictures.
The one above was a happy accident.  My camera was on manual and this bouquet of bokeh was the result.

Last evening I crawled around on the grass clicking away.  The light was so beautiful!

It wasn't a particulary beautiful sunset but I like this B&W effect without any post processing.

This one was taken about a week ago on a foggy morning.

Our orange trees are erupting in fragrance!  Aah, they smell so wonderful!

I took this one when I first got up this morning.

What did you do at first light today?


Cindy said...

What I did at first light this morning was the same thing I do most mornings...listen to the bird song. I love to do that. I love beautiful sounds like bird song and a distant train whistle. Those pictures are beautiful. I love the bouquet of bokeh!

Lisa said...

Those three sepia toned pictures would make nice prints for a grouping! They are so peaceful and beautiful. Wish I could have seen you crawling in the grass!