Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Having Fun with My Camera

I love taking close-ups.  This hibiscus is in our front yard and I went down to take pictures of it as the sun was lowering tonight.

And, of course, had to take a picture as the sun set, too.

Yesterday we took a boat ride.  As we were going down the canal to Charlotte Harbor, I sat in the rear of the boat and took pictures with my zoom lens on. This ibis was watching us go by.

This arrangement was on someone's back porch.  I like how the chain frames it.

We ended up at a restaurant on Pine Island called The Lazy Flamingo.  Here are Bob and Gary sharing a cold beer.  Bob is Gary's father and is almost 87 and still going strong.

I got a kick out of these guys cleaning fish and feeding the scraps to the birds right near two "Please don't feed the birds" signs!

Look at the avid look in these pelicans' eyes waiting for a handout.

I love seeing the American flags fluttering in the breeze all up and down the canal.


Lisa said...

Nice collection of photos! I like the cute little ibis--you got a great shot of him!

Cindy said...

Bob is 87??? Wow! He is amazing like my 96 year old friend, Roberta.