Sunday, October 30, 2011

Goodbye Hello

My husband took this rainbow photo a couple nights before we left Maine.

I went to the beach for one last visit.

The sunrise on our last Maine morning for this year.

Before heading to Florida for the winter, we stopped at our son's house in southern NH.  It was beautifully sunny when we got there so I went for a walk.

I had to lie on the ground to get this shot.

Some late blooms.

Another picture taken by my husband.  I was sitting on Nathan's dock reading and waiting for the sunset.

I love the view from his home.

It rained for two days after we got to Florida but last evening the clouds gave way just in time for the sun to smear the sky with pink.

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Cindy said...

No matter, Maine, New Hampshire, Florida, or where ever, the sun shines on us all eventually. That is a wonderful thing!