Friday, October 21, 2011

A Bokeh Quest

It was beautiful here today so this afternoon I took my camera on a bokeh quest. 

I'm taking an online photography course called The Art of Composition and this week we have to focus in on something and create cool backgrounds of blurriness and bokeh.

Bokeh is those bubbles of light in the background.  Our instructor suggested using aperture priority set at it's lowest.  So that's what I did.

It helped that the sun was low in the sky and shining through the trees.

I've got a favorite.  Which one is yours?


Cindy said...

Difficult choice but I believe my favorite is the third one from the top of the first red leaf. I love orb pictures. My neice and her fiance have a beautiful picture of them kissing with a big orb right framing their heads. It is beautiful.

Lisa said...

These are astoundingly beautiful!! You should get an A+ from the teacher. ;)

Nathan said...


linda may said...

The third and fifth ones appeal to me.