Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I broke the little adaptor for my SD card that I use to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer.  Finally, yesterday, I bought a new one.

Not much has been happening, though. 

We are settling into our new home and loving it.

Our son and his girlfriend came over to visit for a couple days last week and that was fun...but I never even took a picture!

My daughter stopped by...and again I forgot to get the camera out.

I did take it to the beach with me, though.

This is the scene I see as I pedal up to the bicycle rack and begin walking toward the beach.

Can you hear my heart beating a little faster as I get closer?

Then, there it is!

I had such a great walk!

I also love getting up early and sitting in the peaceful morning light.

And, surprise, there are still flowers blossoming!

Any surprises in your life, lately?


Cindy said...

No surprises but it is finally much cooler. This morning it was in the low 50's which is like heaven! Still, not enough rain tho.

Anonymous said...

No surprises and I'd like it to continue!