Friday, July 15, 2011


I woke up at five this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so decided to go to the beach to catch the sunrise.  I was a bit late since I didn't get there until 5:30 and a guy on the beach told me it had risen at 5:13.  But it was still beautiful.
As I walked over the dune grass area, it looked like the sun was just rising, though.

This greeted me as I got to the beach.

The stillness...the peacefulness...heavenly!

Love this patriotic beach cottage.

And this wonderful porch.

I want to sit right here for breakfast.

What a great gift I gave myself this morning!


Anonymous said...

Sensational pictures!

Cindy said...

You are not kidding! That is a wonderful gift to give to yourself. If I lived there, I would prob try to stay on the beach all night just so I would be there first thing at sunrise!

Merisi said...

Thank you for sharing your gift with us, I feel blessed!

Lisa said...

You are a lucky woman!