Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Bike Trip to Portland

While Gary was getting the bike ready, I roamed around taking pictures of flowers.

I held my camera on the bike so I could take pictures while we were riding.  This is Scarboro Marsh.  I love it when I inadvertently catch birds flying by.

We saw several huge ships in the harbor as we whizzed by on the bridge.

The Old Port.  These buildings face Portland harbor.

A horrible picture of me in my doorag eating an almond croissant at the Standard Bakery.

All the perpendicular streets in the Old Port are made of cobble stones.

On the way back Gary had to stop at the bait store to get a couple containers of frozen chum.  I got a kick out of the sign.

When we got going again, the carburetor started acting up so Gary pulled over and, while he was fiddling with it, I took pictures of the wildflowers.

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Lisa said...

I would love to stroll through a harbor town like that! But I would never ever get there by motorcycle!! Eeeek!!