Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I started off my day with this beautiful nectarine.  It was like eating sunshine.

I felt like taking more pictures when I got to school so I snapped a few out my classroom window.
Some flowering weeds:

The sun just starting to peek through the leaves:

Some beautiful dandelion fluff...truly a wonder of nature!  Just look at all that delicate laciness:

And a pleasant reminder to me next to a reminder to them:

Yes, there are only eight days left but that's with block 2 students.

I've got seven days left with my block 3 kids because I won't see them the last day since we have exams for blocks 1 & 2 only.  (Block 1 is my planning block.)

And there are only six days left for fourth block since we have early release this coming Friday for graduation.

It's happening slowly but surely!


Anonymous said...

The photos are vibrant and crisp, colorful and clear. I like how you are sneaking up on your retirement day departure!

Cindy said...

Retirement will surely be there soon!

Lisa said...

We are enjoying the countdown along with you!