Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's Go for a Walk

Come with me as we take a walk through the woods.  Don't you just love these white birches?

I took a bunch of pictures of dead foliage.  These fluffy things were so pretty in the sun.

And these dried daisy-like flowers caught my eye.

Love this gossamer stuff.

There are still a few golden leaves hanging from the trees.

I played around with the timer feature on my camera and managed to snap this of me sitting on a rock in the sun.  I was wishing I'd taken my book with me so I could have sat there for awhile.  It was such a bonus day! 

Hope you enjoyed your hike through the gorgeous woods of northern NH!


Cindy said...

Those white birches make me think of France! I sure have been thinking a lot about France lately. Your profile is like Kylie. I see who she looks like now! What a beautiful place to take a walk.

Anonymous said...

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