Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Holy Pink!

Here's another page I did last weekend.

Again, I left my journal at camp because that is where all my paints are. I suppose I could paint a page ahead of time then work on it at home during the week. Maybe I'll try that next weekend.

I miss it!

My mom is still in the hospital with a bladder infection now. She was supposed to get out on Tuesday but her temperature keeps spiking so they won't release her yet. We did play a game of cards today, though, and she did pretty well. Maybe she can get out tomorrow. I'm hoping, anyway!


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Lifting Up Prayers for your MOM!!!

I think I seen Berlin on that Kitchen show last night mentioned.
Oh, My. It's a wonder we all don't get sick from eating in resturants. Well I have got sick three times. A fast food, a breakfast nook and a place in a beach town.

GOD Bless You and Yours!!!

Simple Journeys said...

Your title says it all! Wow, that's pink!
Sorry your mom is still in the hospital.

Moonwillow said...

Adding your Mom and your family to my prayers too! Thanks for visiting my blog and including your prayers. You have some awesome journaling going on here and I visited your other sites as well. Although my children are out of school now, thank you for being the kind of teacher I hope my Grandchildren one day will have.