Thursday, September 11, 2008

Computer Woes

I was downloading my newest journal page last night when my screen went black and would not come back on. So, today I took it to the hospital. Tonight I'm using one of the laptops from school at home but I don't...wait a minute, there is a place for an SD card! I'll be back maybe with a picture!
Yes! It worked! These school computers are not the most powerful things. But, hey, I'm not complaining! At least it works!

I took the picture at the beach on Sunday.

Mom Update: She came home from the hospital yesterday and is doing really well. She went up and down the stairs several times today without me being right behind her. I'm so encouraged!


Simple Journeys said...

Where to begin?
Yay for your Mom being home!
Too bad about your toe--ouch!
Using somebody else's computer is as bad or worse than driving somebody else's car! Awkward at best.
Love the picture of the chair and bistro table.
They are predicting some weather for us from Ike. We will be in the hospital when it gets to us.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Clapping and Praising the Lord
about Your Mom feeling better!!!

I loved how the napkikn turned out
on your page.

There is an artist on my list under #3AllNorahsArt who uses
napkins in her paintings.

Yipes about the Boat. Glad a new pump was put in.

Praying Ike will slow down and become calm and everyone will be alright.

GOD Bless and Grace and Peace Be Multiplied to You and Yours!!!

rebecca said...

i really like how these two pages came out. how did you get the pages to look like that with the red? plus, love how you journaled the day and the picture that went along with it and the drawing. all very, very creative and came out just lovely. i scrapbook as well so you gave me some good ideas here.