Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's in a Name?

I bought these dolls for my daughter Erin about 25 years ago. When Kylie comes up to visit, I let her play with them.

I told her that the green doll was named Erin but the next time she visited, she couldn't remember and called her Shaun, which is her father's name. And so the doll remained until the last time she was here. She decided on new names for both of them. The green doll is now Scott and the curly-headed one is Andrew.

She cracks me up!


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Deirdre said...

Hi Linda: Your blog site is amazing! I never have enough time to browse, but thought of you this morn, and popped on, and couldn't stop scrolling through. Your banners and haikus are so beautiful, as are your journal pages!! I LOVE the photos of Kylie - we miss her smiling face! Also love the photos of Gary with his huge logs! You look GREAT(obviously before you fell in the river)! The photo of you, your Mom, Erin and Kylie is such a classic - 4 beautiful ladies, and you're so fortunate to be able to enjoy each other! Thanks so much for sharing your poetic words, dynamic color and texture combinations, and most importantly, the updates of your life. Your cleverness never ceases to amaze me! I feel like I've caught up a bit, but really look forward to catching up in person sometime SOON!! Miss you guys, and hope you've all had a healthy winter. Happy (almost) first day of Spring (it's snowing here on Cape Cod)! Hope to see you soon! Love, Deirdre

Simple Journeys said...

Hi Linda. I can appreciate those adorable doll names. We used to have dolls in our house named Johnson, Clarice and Marcella! Where do they come up with that? And those two curly-locked ladies look just like a Scott and an Andrew!