Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Can I Have a Blue One?"

Grampa bought special juice pops for Kylie. They're only about 2 inches long and perfect for a little one. She's constantly bugging him for one.

I'm always excited to find interesting envelopes in the mailbox. This one is from about 7 years ago.

I've finished 7th Heaven and really enjoyed it as I do most of James Patterson's books. This is his latest in the Women's Murder Club series.

Now, I'm reading Nineteen Minutes (I must be on a number kick!) by Jodi Picoult, another author I love. Her writing is so poetic! This one is a Columbine-influenced novel and looks at all sides of the situation. Excellent and scary! It's set in NH around Hanover. Too close to home!


Simple Journeys said...

Kylie is SO cute!!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I love Kylie's Popsicle Face! She
is adorable!!!

I really like the envelope. Was
wondering if someone had painted
on it or if it was that way?