Sunday, April 7, 2013

Having Fun!

We all had mani/pedis. One of the nail techs painted a pretty design on Kylie's big toes.

Erin, just out of the shower, with her grandfather. We call him Gunka.

Last night we went to the Tiki Bar on Charlotte Harbor.

Erin struck a pose for me.

And Kylie ate this huge hotdog!

My two girls.

A little sun flare.

Today we went boating to Bert's restaurant.

I love all the happy colors!

Ky helped me catch some bokeh.

We stopped to watch these beautiful dolphins.

We're having such a great visit. The only thing that would make it better is having Nathan and Danielle here with us, too!

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Cindy said...

There is so much here on which I wish to comment. Your two girls are so BEAUTIFUL. I love their happy faces. The picture of them with red jackets on the boat is beautiful. I love the dolphins! Paradise.