Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our Evening

We went out to eat at The Outback, tonight. We hadn't been to one in years.

The food was just as delicious as always. We shared a bloomin' onion, then I had a small steak topped with crab and Hollandaise sauce. Of course, I never thought to take pictures. Duh!

Afterwards, we went to Fishermen's Village...

for an ice cream...

and to watch the sun set over Charlotte Harbor.

Gary's father was with us and this gave him a nice little walk even though he complained the whole way and kept asking when we were going to pour him into bed. He's 87 and just wants to sleep all the time. The ice cream was a good incentive to get him moving. He ate all his coffee ice cream, too!

I took all these pictures with my iPhone even though it's hard to see what I'm taking since this happened.

I'm due for an upgrade on Feb. 10th. Can't wait!

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Cindy said...

iphone ooouch! I am due for an upgrade too!! I am looking forward to it.