Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Night Out
Not us! Gary's father! His girls took him to a BBQ rib dinner then karaoke. Looks like he had a blast. Jeri, his occasional Maine caretaker, is down visiting and she took the pictures. She posted them on Facebook. I saved them and gave them a glaze bath.

Bob and 92-year old Rose.

Sandy, his main caretaker,
shaking a leg with a friend.

Sandy's daughter, Trish, snuggling
with Bob. Bob loves his girls. One
time Nathan walked in when they
were getting him ready in the morning,
and he said, "These are MY girls; get
your own!

And, here is Jeri taken a couple days
ago when we were out on the boat.

Linda Jacobs at 2:09 PM


Anonymous said...

Cracked me up! He's livin'!

Cindy said...

Dads must be more possessive of their daugthers than moms. My mom is very apt to 'loan' me out to other folks at her retirement home that need to borrow a daughter for sewing, cooking, cleaning, laundry or even just lending an ear.